About us

Who We Are and What We Do

At CodeXchange, we take pride in calling ourselves Solution Integrators and not system integrators. Our solutions address a large portion of any enterprise’s business requirement in the areas of Unified Communications & Contact Centres, Video Conferencing and Business Applications and we deliver customized solutions in these areas with strong passion and commitment. Needless to mention, that in delivering the same, we have over the years built strong skill sets in technology and more importantly an understanding of our customer’s business.

We behave as the best and in doing so, we strive hard to achieve the highest level of technical skill and certifications of our technology alliances, some of the significant ones being, Avaya, Matrix, Teleman, Polycom, Samsung Video Wall’s & Hospitality TV’s etc.

Meet the Directors

Mr Faraz Khan - Managing Director

Mrs.Medina Khan - Business Development Director

How CodeXchange Was Born

My wife and I started CodeXchange in 2014, after identifying a sizeable gap in the hospitality and SME vertical in regards to ICT-related solutions with what was being offered as opposed to what was required. Our company bridges that gap; the company is a one-stop provider by signing up with top tier OEMs for the main requirement needs and cost effective integration of various solutions required across the verticals